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1 )  How accountable should corporations be for violent acts that are dedicated during operate by their very own employees? Response:  Companies needs to be fully responsible for the wellbeing of the employees. Safety measures should be taken to make sure safe working environments due to its members. 2 .  Can companies completely prevent workplace physical violence? If not really, what actions can they decide to use reduce that? Answer:  While companies might not be able to completely prevent work environment violence, they will have procedures in place that evaluate the environment for signs that are dysfunctional. Additionally , firms can take preventive measures by making use of more thorough screening policies at the level of hire. 3.  Why do you think only 1 percent of companies possess a formal antiviolence policy? Answer:  Perhaps it truly is due to the fact that thus few companies have immediately experienced organizational violence inside their workplaces. some.  Some companies are considering the installation of metal detectors to prevent office violence. Do you think these measures infringe a lot of on specific privacy? In other words, can an organization take prevention too far? Solution:  No it will not infringe an excessive amount of on specific privacy because; Installing security devices just like metal detectors helps to stop armed folks from going into the facility. Installing additional security products such as cameras and good lighting in hallways, putting in deep services counters or perhaps bullet-resistant and shatterproof glass enclosures in reception areas are a very good preventive steps for workplace violence. 5.  What factors might lead to violent acts at work? Are these kinds of acts fully commited by just a few " sick” individuals, or are many individuals able of doing acts given certain situations?...