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The environment in Second Lifestyle will be familiar to those who have played The Sims, Grand Theft Car, visited Disney World or examine Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. But help to make no blunder. This isn't a casino game. It is probably a whole fresh Net. Reuters news agency has opened up a information bureau in Second Life and evaluated such luminaries as Arianna Huffington there. Sundance placed a testing of the motion picture Strange Culture simultaneously inside the real world and Second Your life. The United kingdom Broadcasting Corporation broadcast a pop live performance within Second Life. APPLE CEO Mike Palmisano and 300 of his management hold global virtual reality business conferences there -- " I will have my avatar contact your avatar" - and serious political candidates like California congressman George Miller and Va Governor Tag Warner established Second Existence identities to carry political rallies and campaign for office. The list of corporations performing in-world since the residents call it, include Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Nike, Major League Baseball, Dell, Adidas, General Motors and Circuit Town, all attracted by a new way to go product. Second Life was developed in 2003 by Philip Rosedale, the previous top tech at RealNetworks. It's operated by his Linden Labs, a Bay area boutique company that has a Who is Who of web havies beating throughout the door obtain. Mitch Kapor, creator ofВ Lotus, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Amazon's Shaun Bezos and Microsoft's technology architect Beam Ozzie most got in on the ground floors. You may come across any or all of these in Second Life. Rosedale's avatar is definitely recognizable simply by his natural leather chaps over pizza explosion briefs plus the huge lips on his dark tee-shirt. About $900, 1000 worth of business can be transacted a day among the a lot more than 3 million residents. Most is done by simply major businesses but some seventeen, 000 Second Life occupants are reported to be producing at least $1000 a month. Some have got carved out full time job in Second Life as investors...