Essay regarding Traditional Relationship

Classic Marriage

My Girl Friend's Family

Erick Urueta

British 200 PW2

H. Price



The writer Meurer once explained, " A fantastic marriage can be not when the ‘perfect couple' comes together. It can be when an imperfect couple discovers to enjoy their particular differences. ” (Meurer, 2012). My girlfriend's mother and my father while i interviewed these people, they required to the same place because this offer when I go through it. They will told me that they can help each other to have a better marriage rather than complaining and arguing of the defects. The Mother (Hinojosa, 2012) said, " The mother is usually who string the friends and family together. ” The Father (Urueta, 2012) said, " The daddy is who the key to spread out the house door. ” My family is contemporary but simultaneously traditional. My dad doesn't work, and my mother doesn't experience us. While i interviewed my own girlfriend's mother, I discovered that she was obviously a traditional mom. She thinks every mother/wife should support her partner and kids by making sure they will feel liked, and show these people love in each and every way possible. The girl showed her love when she bought houses for these people near her house to get close to these people. She took care of her grandchildren and still provided them funds when they required it. Consequently , my girlfriend's mother was traditional mainly because she showed them motherly love.

My father believes in the regular role of the father nevertheless he is in a modern role of the father. He is convinced that the father/husband should be the man of the house, support the house maintain, made the principles, and over every to protect all of them. Even when he can not working, this individual still ensures all the obligations of the charges are paid and supports us in everything we want. He usually made issues difficult and so we could progress in our lives when we reached the reality in the life. He always taught us regarding life, each of the good things and bad issues, we can do and issues not to do, as they already passed through the same occasions as all of us and understands if something happens to be going to end bad or well. In addition , he displays us the...

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