Essay regarding The Ransom of Crimson Chief

The Ransom of Reddish colored Chief

Bobby Langan


October 5, 2005

" The Ransom of Red Chief”

" The Ransom of Reddish Chief” is a truly satrical story. To. Henry starts the story with two scheming pals, Invoice and Mike, who have a thought for kidnapping a rich man's kid in a city named Peak. They soon acquire Johnny Dorset, kid of Ebenezer Dorset, (the wealthy man) and elope with him to a give. Johnny, also called as " Red Chief”, happens to be more difficulties than he is worth, actually! The two friends expect a ransom of $2, 1000, but " Red Chief” causes a whole lot chaos and havoc the conmen are willing to give up the ransom just to get rid of him. Red Chief's attempts to scalp, lose, and pain the two swindlers cause them to surrender. He is specifically cruel to Bill, which results in Bill pleading with Sam to get rid of this depraved child. To hisrelief, Red Chiefs father is willing to take his disrupted son back again, but with a counter present of $250! Finally tallying that Red Chief is just too much to manage they shell out Ebenezer his money without go around summit again. The mental irony utilized in " The Ransom of Red Chief” puts much humor into the story. There are numerous accounts of verbal irony in " Ransom of Red Chief”. In my opinion the funniest celebration of spoken irony inside the story, is the name of the town. Now, a town named Summit makes you think of hills and mountain range, but the city is as toned as a table! Another example of O. Henry's famous verbal irony is usually when Costs says" Heaven help the wolves”. Before, Invoice and his partner referred to Reddish colored Chief as being a little weak lamb, and themselves while the baby wolves, but the dining tables have switched and its seems the " Wolves” terribly lack as much electric power as they believed. These ironic accounts not necessarily the only ones, there is far more irony to be found in " The Ransom of Reddish Chief”. Definitely, the most amusing factor in this hilarious story is the situational irony. One of the many ironic situations the personas find themselves in is definitely the counter provide proposed...