The Man Who Loved Blossoms Essay

The Man Who have Loved Flowers

Thomas Mahoney


ENG 112

The person Who Loved Flowers

This story starts in a very peaceful innocent placing, in Nyc. There is a feeling of love up, and the smell of spring. There is a gentleman walking over the streets in a gray roadways turning everybodys attention because then can tell he is completely happy and in love. This account takes place in-may of 1963 right before summer time starts. Sophie King is very descriptive inside the story with the man's overall look; " He had that look about him. He was dressed in a mild grey suit, the thin tie taken down slightly, his top collar key undone. His hair was dark and cut short. His tone was reasonable, his eye a light green. Not an extraordinary face, although on this smooth spring night time, on this opportunity, in May of 1963, he was beautiful" (King) The interesting thing regarding this story is usually how it seems so amazing and peaceful, but draws a thin series with madness.

The first sense of anything being incorrect in the story is when the man visits buy flowers, and there is a radio playing a media program referring to a sludge hammer murder that was within the loose, but this is right away dismissed since everything appears so ideal in the moment. Because the man moves away he hesitates and touches a thing in his pocket or purse, which foreshadows what could happen later in the story. " The child passed the flower-stand as well as the sound of the bad news faded. He hesitated, looked over his shoulder, and thought it over. He come to into his coat bank and touched the something in there once again. For a minute his face seemed confused, lonely, practically haunted, and after that, as his hand left the pocket or purse, it obtained its former expression of eager requirement. " (King) The images in this story is so amazing and sensible for almost the whole story, until it becomes darker and disappointing at the end. Ruler goes coming from writing about bouquets, the beautiful springtime weather, take pleasure in being in the air, kids caring life and playing, into a hammer, bloodstream...