The Illiad and Home Sufficiency Dissertation

The Illiad and Self Sufficiency

Edirin Abada

The english language 212-Section 007-World Literature

Teacher Augustine Okereke

February 21, 2012

Aristotle said the man who is incapable of working in common or whom in his personal sufficiency has no need for other folks, is no portion of the community such as a beast or a dog. In respect to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Self Sufficiency is identified as; able to maintain oneself or perhaps itself without outside aid, Capable of providing for one's own will need. Self Adequacy is also thought as having a long confidence in one's individual ability or perhaps worth. The character Achilles through the poem " The Iliad” by Homer is the best example of the above saying by Aristotle. Achilles has such a great deal of confidence in him that this individual feels no need for anyone with the exception of the woman, which eventually triggered his problem.

In my point of view, Achilles whom is pictured as a hero in the Epic poem " The Iliad” is not even close to a brave figure. To be a hero one particular must be capable of sacrifice, include determination, stay loyal, have got fortitude possess courage and become dedicated to a cause, Achilles falls short of majority of the qualities described, so therefore I realize Achilles within a different mild that most people might discover him.

A hero sometimes works by him self but never forget that he/she is element of a community, wonderful actions takes on a major role in the progress of the community, we all are humans and that we all are problematic. Heroes will be human being , nor possess super-human strength however they should be prolonged with their persona. To my understanding Characters should be fearless, unselfish, patient and never give up no matter how hard it might receive. In general Aristotle described Achilles in his expressing because Achilles' actions present how his Self Sufficiency deprived him from working together with his community and let his pride take over him.

Achilles who is the lead jet fighter in a war, knows that his people and community requires him as they is the " hero” and without him they could get conquered but this individual looked upon his...