The Cosmetic of Make-up Essay

The Cosmetic of Makeup

The Chemical Make Up of Makeup

The cosmetic sector in America today is one which makes regarding $20 billion dollars a year and in 1996, according to Shannon Dortch in " Women on the Cosmetics Counter”, nearly 88% of women aged 18-24 had been using some type of makeup every single day. Many women, nevertheless, are unaware of just how makeup is done and the materials applied for color, thickness, and moisture.

The majority of cosmetics include a mixture of some of the following substances. Water, emulsifiers, preservatives (which are added to prevent the regarding microorganisms just like bacteria and fungi), thickener (to change the consistency, for example the chemical chemical substance polyethylene glycol HO-(CH2-CH2-O)n-H), color (to help to make girls look great and pretty), fragrance, and PH stabilizers.

Polyethylene glycol comes from a household of components called the PEG along with can be found in labels in the form of PEG-6, and PEG-150(Aubrey Cosmetics). These chemical substances, along with polyethylene glycol, are believed to cause an increase in cancer to people who utilize this product, with an focus on women with breast cancer. PEG compounds will often have small amounts of the substance known as ethylene o2. According to experimental outcomes reported in the National Toxicology Program's 8th Annual Survey on Cancer causing agents, ethylene oxide increases the cases of uterine and breast cancers associated with leukemia and brain cancers. `Another ingredient used in cosmetic makeup products is Methylchloroisothiazolinone, which is a natural chemical which in turn companies utilized in the 70's in their items which was later on found to cause discomfort to skin area with other effects, but remains to be used today in some encounter washes and rinse off's (Wikipedia) in little sums. The formulation for Methylchloroisothiazolinone is C4H4CINOS and is grow derived which can be probably for what reason it was thought to be alright to use as a cosmetic component due to the fact that it absolutely was " organic” and natural, which was later on proved wrong in long term effects. Though it was...