Steroid Influential Essay

Steroid Persuasive

Stolzberg, Chad


Outline: Anabolic steroids persuasive talk


a. Attention-getter: H are associated with many health problems and can be potentially dangerous, however when used in the safest feasible environment by right individuals, I believe that steroids are certainly not totally damaging. b. Thesis: While there will be possible unwanted effects caused by anabolic steroid use, a responsible user may successfully keep an eye on and reduce any health problems with proper measures. c. Relevancy: With all the current exaggerated statements in the multimedia today you can actually say that steroid drugs are almost everywhere including the regional and national news, capital hill and in many cases presidential speeches and toasts. d. Believability (optional): Staying involved in athletics for most of my life I've been in close proximity numerous people employing steroids even though I have noticed some of the negative side effects, I possess not observed anything life-threatening. e. Critique: First I would really prefer to educate you on the make use of steroids and exactly how if used properly aren't so bad, second I would like to dismiss all of the negativity propagate throughout the media involving steroid drugs and lastly I would really prefer to discuss some of the people who provided steroids in sports a negative rap. Move to body: Let me initial begin by declaring steroids may create an unleveled playing field, as well we are let's assume that we are discussing healthy adult males practicing accountable use, this does not apply to women and children. II. BODY

A. Main Point 1: Anabolic steroid Use

a. Subpoint you: History and backdrop of steroid drugs and steroid use -Rx drug, education, you need to know everything you are doing or perhaps advised by simply someone who truly does -Steroids are generally synthetic derivatives of the men hormone androgenic hormone or testosterone -there will be negative side results along with the great

-acne, male pattern baldness, breast tenderness, high blood pressure, cholesterol impact b. Subpoint 2: Appropriate use rather than abuse

-Use not mistreatment, anything excessive is negative, ex. drinking water

-appropriate steps must...