Essay about Spirit Week

Heart Week


As many of you may know coming from all the news and pleasure Catholic Schools/ Spirit week is fast approaching it is due date. Now being beneath the new prinicipal Mrs. Richie Green various CHS Goers are suspicious about the results of this yr. Our information team was there to obtain feedback. A Tenth Grader had this to say. " I Believe that it will be hard intended for mrs. Richie green to top last years heart week. It was awesome.. although.. we'lll see”. A twelfth grader also had anything to say, ” Im not worried about topping last years spirit week. I just want to acquire fun. We all haven't a new dance in CHS For two years thus im thrilled. Also 2 weeks . plus that I get to soak teachers. My spouse and i cant wait around boy. ” Mrs. Richie green offers told the news staff that this years spirit week is carnival themed, which has a bouncing fortress, dunk container, carnival inspired games, deliscious treats, and a boogie at the end. NEVERTHELESS We have received one question for the new principal…Will There Be Clowns!?! Well CHS Learners, clowns or not this kind of years spirirt week seems very appealing and tons of fun. Our question to suit your needs is…Will You be generally there? So pay attention next month whenever we answer this VERY Important query. CATHOLIC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS WEEK. ENTERTAINING OR ARE UNSUCCESSFUL? ASK " A”

Request " A” is a steering column designed in which CHS College students sumbit concerns and we answers these people, providing information and suggestions. (all questions can be changed into the computer lab to mrs. rumpersuad. for individuals who don't know whom she is. shes the lady in back of the monitor that's by no means smiling. you cant miss her. She is a ray of sunshine. ) ISSUE:


Tutor of the month is picked after many sleepless along with a intensive process of compairing and eradication. SOOOO With out Further A Due …Teacher Of The Month is …….. *Drum Roll* MRS. FOWLER from the Terminology arts division and 11S Homeroom Educator. POLL

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