Essay regarding Small VoiseMga Munting Tinig

Little Voise(Mga Munting Tinig)

TINY VOICES (MGA MUNTING TINIG) A film review by David N. Butterworth Copyright the year 2003 David In. Butterworth

**1/2 (out of ****)

As soon as she arrives at Malawig, a remote, impoverished village a shuttle bus ride through the Philippines busy capital of Manila, Melinda Santiago realizes she has her work eliminate for her. A and positive graduate of Manila's Metropolis University whose family desires her to repatriate to America where the real opportunities are, Melinda is certainly not exactly prepared to meet the many challenges of her new position, regarding Elementary School instructor.

These difficulties appear in various forms--an unscrupulous principal (Mrs. Pantalan) whom sells snow candy for the students in order to stuff her own pockets, a motorcycle-riding " Bombay" (Indian merchant) who costs 10% intended for cash advances in delayed teacher's paychecks, and aggressively passive parents who have believe that the particular rich have enough money to wish, insisting that their sons and children would do better to operate the areas or give domestic help rather than protecting an education.

And then, of course , there is the monsoon time, torrential rains that seek to destroy the school's measely supply of schoolbooks, lesson plans, and other dwindling solutions.

Melinda should go about her work with daily diligence although, always using a smile, a form word for her neatly uniformed charges. But her battles against apathy, corruption, and contempt will be constant, further hindered by the volatile political climate in which fathers and sons will be constantly hired to join guerilla forces fighting in the mountains.

When a financing opportunity as a local singing contest presents itself to Melinda, the idealistic teacher must intelligently juggle uncooperative school administrators, confrontational parents, and the torn children themselves in order to allow their small voices end up being heard.

Gil M. Portes's simple, sincere " Small Voices" (" Mga Munting Tinig" ) offers an unusual insight into a culture all of us...