Essay about Osmosis Laboratory Report

Osmosis Lab Report


The reason with this experiment was to identify the properties and effects of osmosis. Osmosis can be defined as the diffusion of drinking water through a selectively permeable membrane layer. (Miller/Levine) Osmosis occurs the moment there is a location of higher and lower concentration. Osmosis is a type of diffusion. Diffusion is when elements move via an area of higher concentration to an area of bigger concentration. Three types of concentrations happen to be hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic. When compared to another remedy, a hypertonic solution has a lower concentration, a hypertonic solution includes a higher concentration, and a great isotonic is usually when the two solutions come with an equal attention. The research tested the relationship between the focus of an egg and alternatives of different concentrations. The hypothesis is that an egg placed in unadulterated water can gain mass while an egg placed in viscous syrup would reduce mass.


To execute the experiment gloves and safety safety glasses were obtained. Two decalcified eggs were also obtained from the teacher. Using an electronic level, the initial mass was scored and registered of each egg. One egg was in that case placed in a beaker of distilled drinking water while the different was put into a beaker of viscous syrup. After a time intervalle of ten minutes, every single egg was taken out and dabbed to get rid of excess fluids. After extra liquids have been removed, these people were placed on the size one at a time. The mass was then documented in a data table. Actions were repeated in 10 minute periods four even more times, everytime recording the mass inside the data table. After all measurements were collected, the percent of mass change was calculated using the formula the following:

100(Mass after Immersion-Initial Mass)

Initial mass


Following your fifty minutes soaking inside the solution, the egg put in water received mass (Table 1) while the egg placed in syrup misplaced mass after fifty mins (Table 2). The percent of mass change was calculated and...

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