Essay regarding Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano

The Horrid Journey

Whether it were not to get the testimonies past down from era to technology or the information in historic books, a history of the twelve million Photography equipment slaves that traveled the " Middle section Passage” in miserable conditions would not exist. Olaudah Equiano contributes to this horrid record with The Interesting Narrative from the Life of Olaudah Equiano. Through this kind of narrative, the appalling personal experience of every slave can be depicted. He accomplishes his rhetorical reason for informing the world of the slave experience in this narrative. His use of exclusive style and rhetorical gadgets in this selling narrative show his imperative rhetorical purpose.

Throughout Equiano's functions, a unique design is noticeable. This unique style is composed of excessive diction, sophisticated sentence structure, and conveying imagery which play a role in his aim of depicting the slave knowledge. His enhanced diction includes words just like " improvident, ” " copious, ” " pestilential, ” and " avarice” (45). This word choice enforces and strengthens the meaning of his sentences letting them convey towards the reader for a higher level. Furthermore, these terms portray his elevated education level creating him into a reputable source. In addition, Equiano uses complex sentence structure that involves excessive punctuation such as: " One day that they had taken numerous fishes; so when they had murdered and happy themselves with as many as they thought suit, to our amazement who were on deck, instead of give any of them to all of us to eat, as we expected, they tossed the fish into the sea again, although we begged and prayed for a few as well as we're able to, but in vain; and some of my countrymen, being constrained by craving for food, took a possibility, when they believed no one observed them, of trying to get a little privately; nonetheless they were discovered, and the strive procured them some very serious floggings” (46). A perfect example of his intricate sentence structure, this...