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Marketing Route Design

Intended for Lenovo's Touch screen phone Business

1 ) Marketing route for Lenovo computer business in Cina

1)Development of Lenovo computer's marketing route

Stage 1: just before 1994 Direct sellingпѓ Phase two: 1994-1998 Real estate agents and distributorsпѓ Phase a few: 1998-2004 Intensive Distributionпѓ Phase four: after 2005 Integrated Syndication In phase 4, Lenovo divided their computer organization into two parts, Setting Trading for individual costumers and Mode Relationship for commercial clients. Lenovo clarified the integrated plan on route management and information share, which is Lenovo community. 2)Current Lenovo pc's marketing channel

a)In 2010, Lenovo made adjustments to its computer system marketing channel. Two significant changes will be of interest here: •Chinese pc market is split up into Developed Marketplace (big towns, SMEs) and Emerging Market (rural areas), with big city sequence stores and rural retailers added to route. •Lenovo improve channel members' relationship simply by assisting funnel members to market their own items (e. g. software) inside their own channels or in other channels. b)Lenovo computer's channel advantages over competitors

DELL, one of Lenovo's biggest rivals, is known because of its direct providing. Founder is actually a national laptop brand comes after Lenovo. One more leading countrywide brand is Great Wall who have established the earliest exclusive stores in Chinese language IT industry. After a lot of adjustments of promoting channel this season, Lenovo pc's market share strike a new record of 32. 2% in the third one fourth of 2010. Thus in contrast to its key competitors, Lenovo's channel positive aspects are as followed: •Lenovo is more accessible than DELL for the customers, additionally for customers who are in rural areas. •Diversified stations would reduce risk of reduce.

•Better Channel member's marriage management helps to control issues between funnel members, promo, and the manufacturer image. •Additional assistance to funnel member...