Heat of Combustion Experiment Essay

Temperature of Combustable Experiment

Alkanols Heat of Combustion

Goal: To determine the molar heat of combustion of methanol, ethanol and 1-propanol


•3 heart burners, a single containing methanol, one made up of ethanol and one containing 1-propanol. •A thermometer

•A copper calorimeter

•100 cubic centimeters measuring canister

•Retort stand and clamps



•Electronic harmony

Safety analysis:

•This experiment includes flammable elements remove loose clothing including ties which could be set alight. •Wear safety spectacles!

•Ensure equipment placement is secure and does not threat nearby students.


1 . Build the test as displayed in the diagram below.

2 . Measure exactly 100 milliliters of water using the testing cylinder and carefully put it in the Copper calorimeter. Put the thermometer in the normal water to measure the temperature in the water. several. Weigh the spirit burner and record the mass

4. Record the temperature of the water inside the Copper calorimeter. 5. Pull the limit off the soul burner and lightweight the material wick recalling to start the stopwatch as soon as the wick lamps 6. Record the temperature of the water after 1, two and 3 minutes, at 4 minutes replace the cap around the spirit burner. 7. Reweigh the burner and record. Start test again in step 2 having a different alkanol. Each alkanol should be examined at least 3 times.


MethanolTest OneTest TwoTest Three

Mass before (g)299. 34298. 34296. 93

Temperatures Before (°c)232423

After you Minute (°c)303329

After two Minutes (°c)374139

After 3 Minutes (°c)434849

Mass after (g)298. 34297. 29295. 99

EthanolTest OneTest TwoTest Three

Mass before (g)276. 78275. 04273. 86

Temperatures Before (°c)232323

After 1 Minute (°c)293233

After two Minutes (°c)404446

After 4 minutes (°c)535558

Mass after (g)275. 42273. 86272. 63

1-PropanolTest OneTest TwoTest ThreeTest Several

Mass ahead of (g)189. 63187. 64186. 08184. 81

Temperatures Before (°c)232423...