Facebook Status Updates -- a Content Analysis Article

Facebook or myspace Status Revisions - a Content Research

Facebook or myspace Status Revisions

A Content material Analysis

Philippa Koenig (Matrikelnr.: 547483) and Jessika Lackner (Matrikelnr.: 189725)| 10. goal. 2012

This paper handles status changes out of Facebook. A dataset of 1200 position updates of German Facebook or myspace users have been coded and analyzed.

Table of Contents


2Literature Review3


4Grounded Theory5

5Case study5

5. 1Developing a Coding Framework6

Developing unique codes. 6

Theory. 6

Expanding Categorizations. 6th

5. 2Results of Data analysis7

Descriptive figures. 7

Correlations. 12


6. 1Analysis of further correlations20

What is liked and loved?. twenty

When do users seek support via Facebook . com?. 20

Truly does time subject? 21

When do people use which conversation component? twenty-one

What is a Facebook user daily schedule? twenty two

What do Fb users protest about? 23

What do Facebook or myspace users make fun of? 23

So why do people advertise?. 3

6. 2Critics24



Fig. 1 . Valence9

Fig. 2 . Process or State12


Stand 1 . Frequencies of Topics8

Table 2 . Frequencies of Time10

Desk 3. Eq of „Location" 11

Table 4. Frequencies of „Speech" 12

Desk 5. Significant positive correlations of " topics” with " valence”13

Table 6. Significant positive correlations of „Events and holidays”14

Table 7. Significant positive correlations of „Environment and nature" 14

Desk 8. Significant positive correlations of „Travelling" 15

Desk 9. Significant positive correlations of „Home" 15

Table 10. Significant positive correlations of „Going out" of sixteen

Table 11. Significant confident correlations of „Religion/politics/philosophy" of sixteen

Table doze. Significant positive correlations of „Disasters" seventeen

Table 13. Significant confident correlations of „Work and study" seventeen

Table 14. Significant great correlations of „Technology" 18

Table 12-15. Significant confident correlations of „Leisure" 18

Table of sixteen. Significant great correlations of „Hobbies" 19

Table seventeen. Significant positive correlations of „Feelings" nineteen *


Facebook is a recognized and frequently used social network. Throughout the world, it has much more than 800 million active users. 50 percent of which log in at least one time a day (allFacebook. de, 2011). For its users, Facebook supplies several choices to share information. For example , it will be possible to publish photos or perhaps clips. In addition , people reveal information through their position update. It is a method to reveal information with all the user's friends. People content about what they may be doing, what they feel, essential changes in their particular live. A standing update or post utilized to be a short text message with about 160 characters. Yet , since Nov 2011 it is also possible to update one's position with 63. 206 character types, most users still work with one or two content to share data. On an average day 15 percent of the users upgrade their position. Given this plenty of people who upgrade their position daily, it truly is interesting to assess what people divulge about. From this paper we all discuss the analysis of status revisions in order to investigate in this subject. Literature Review

Since 2004 a good amount of papers about social networking had been written. A few of them deal in addition to the information users give to the population. In 3 years ago Java Finin et al. did a great analysis details sharing for the micro running a blog platform Facebook (Java, Finin et al. 2007, l. 1). On Twitter persons can reveal short information by means of status improvements with their followers. The main aim of the study was to uncover what kind of information people reveal and what their purpose is affiliated on a community level. After analyzing more than 1 . 3 million articles from throughout the world users, there were manually grouped. Most of the position updates were used while " daily chatter”, in which users just communicate all their current actions. The second biggest intention was your...