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Yolanda Perez


Professor Ducios-Yourdon

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Homelessness In New York City

One encounter that I can easily think of is me and my husband rebounding from Tulsa, Oklahoma to New York to reside a shelter, and being rejected shelter placement, and the impact the last denial had about me, and my husband. In March, eleven, 2013 myself, and my hubby came to New york city, City via Tulsa, Oklahoma to reside. After we got to New York we had to go to (AFIC) Adult Family members Intake Center an agency that helps homeless lovers, and spots them in a shelter for appoximaly ten times. It's to the couple to get characters notarized via people they lived with, and where they showered, slept, and groomed for a year. In the event the couple no longer come up with quite documents they want they punch them out of your shelter back again unto the streets. The couple has to show an image id, social security credit cards for everyone inside their household, a public assistance case, and marriage license or home-based partnership papers. When we requested the shield Adult Family Intake Center they offered us eight days, nevertheless we did not have satisfactory evidence to prove i was homeless to get a year, therefore the shelter turned down me, and my husband for temporary housing, and started us in the streets. The shelter was claiming we could go live with my 87 yr old grandmother and my 85 year old grandfather because my grandmother said " all of us left on our own freewill”. So the protection rejected me personally and my husband a place to live. So we kept on making use of, and had been denied 9 times. Nevertheless before we all came from Tulsa, Oklahoma we used to reside in one of Adult Family Absorption Centers protection called Aladdin. The reason that people left the shelter in October, 2010 is because I needed to go see my grandparents, so my husband made a decision we should proceed to Tulsa, Oklahoma to be around our grandpa and grandma. However all of us ended remaining in Tulsa, Ok, for five months. When ever me, and my husband came back to New york city, City to live...