Essay regarding Questions in Morality and Ethical Relativism

Inquiries on Values and Ethical Relativism


RELI 2301 Introduction to Ethics


1 . ________ acknowledges that cultures can legitimately move judgments on a single another. A. Ethical pluralismC. Ethical debt slavery

B. Ethical relativismD. none of the above

2 . ________ maintain there is a single standard in terms of assessments can selection, and that common is usually their own. A. Moral absolutistsC. Moral relativists

W. Ethical pluralistsD. all of the previously mentioned

3. ________ is a midsection ground to relieve symptoms of moral clashes. A. Moral absolutismC. Moral relativism

N. Ethical pluralismD. non-e in the above

5. ________ stimulates toleration the moment possible, realizing that cultures may legitimately differ also on the most critical of issues. A. non-e of the aboveC. Ethical debt slavery

B. Honest relativismD. Ethical pluralism

5. ________ see every culture because an tropical isle unto by itself, right in its own globe, and they deny that there is any kind of overarching regular in terms of which usually conflicting civilizations can be judged. A. Ethical absolutistsC. Honest relativists

N. Ethical pluralistsD. all of the over

6. Within a clash of cultures, ________ often view the other lifestyle as just wrong insofar as it deviates from their very own. A. Honest absolutistsC. Honest relativists

B. Ethical pluralistsD. all of the above

several. ________ maintains the capacity of cross-cultural judgments (something the absolutists are appropriate in believing) but one that does not claim that we automatically have a monopoly within the truth. A. Ethical absolutismC. Ethical pluralism

B. Moral relativismD. none of the over

8. ________ encourages all of us to listen to what other cultures state about us as well as what we claim about them. A. Ethical pluralismC. Ethical debt slavery

B. Moral relativismD. none of the previously mentioned

9. ________ shows that you will find situations...