Michael Green
Michael Green

Michael Green (pen name) is a 35 year old Brit who lives in London, England.

When he was just 21, he set up his own printing business. Today that same business has developed into offering Design, Print and Website development services and has a turnover measured in the millions.

Nowadays Michael works on a part-time basis as Chairman of his printing company and in his spare time he’s developed http://www.howtocorp.com. In addition he’s involved in Politics and is standing for Parliament in the UK (next election expected in 2005). He authors under the pen name Michael Green in order to avoid confusion for anyone searching for his political comment.

Michael discovered that his offline, real-world, business experience helped make him an overnight online success. And the facts speak for themselves because he established his online How To Corp enterprise as recently as the Spring of 2002, yet today he has created over 16 toolkit products and these are marketed and sold worldwide via the internet.

Michael Green has achieved a constant Top #10 position in the much coveted ClickBank Marketplace, which lists literally tens-of-thousands of other online products, so the chances are that by the time you’ve finished reading his biography, he will have made yet more internet-based sales!

Michael explains:

“Doing business both on and offline is much more similar than some people would have you think. You still need to provide good products and a great service. In addition it’s important to be courteous, polite and responsive when prospective customers contact you by phone or email. These same rules all apply no matter which environment your business operates in.”

Michael says that there are however some very big differences to doing business online. He confesses that he still struggles to believe how it has been possible to build such a profitable company, without the need to employ staff, hold physical stock or deal with so many of the other regulatory issues that surround traditional ‘real-world’ businesses.

As a student Michael studied business and finance in Manchester, England, but he says that formal education was never of that much interest to him.

“I was always anxious to get out into the real world of business”, acknowledges Michael, “and formal education never really fitted in with my plans”.

Michael reckons that the biggest problem faced by most online “newbies” (people just starting out) is the confusion caused by following too many different so called “gurus”.

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