Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill
Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill

Together Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill founded Nitro Marketing – a company that pioneers effective direct marketing on the internet with its unique, innovative and effective approach to marketing and business.

Like they say, “Documentation Beats Conversation”, in the last 12 months, we have done more than $1 million as an online merchant, paying out more than $115,000 to affiliates, and earning more than $125,000 from the various affiliate programs we promote — and are on pace to more than quadruple that amount in the next 12 months.

 Kevin Wilke:
Kevin has been successfully marketing on the internet since 1996. He is a master at maximizing revenue and profits with websites and putting them on autopilot – meaning how to work less and make more. Many of the top affiliate programs on the internet see Kevin among their most successful affiliates. He is also the founder of the first performance based marketing company, PureNetProfits. Some websites that are managed by that company are,, and among others.

Matt Gill:
Matt has the unique ability to forecast trends, think outside of the box, see the big picture (and how it relates to the day-to-day business), identify market opportunities and maximize results that very few people have.

Previously he was the E-Commerce Program Manager for Allegiance Telecom and was instrumental in the development of their suite of internet services which included domain registration, hosting, and Internet connectivity. In addition, he is an accomplished network marketer, business-owner, and consultant.
He not only has a great marketing mind, but also an excellent understanding of and insight into the administrative and technical aspects of doing business successfully on the Internet.

He possesses an elusive combination of Internet skills that has earned him the title he proudly wears as the “Chief Bottle Washer”. Matt wears many hats, and has the ability to coordinate them well!

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