John Reese started working on various ways of making money online in the early 1990s. Since then, Reese has tried and developed various web-marketing strategies as well as run several web-based businesses.

Early Professional Life

John Reese
John Reese
Although most people may not be aware, Reese has been dabbling in Internet marketing since 1990. During those early days, the Internet was not as advanced as it is today. As such, Internet marketers mainly relied on rudimentary sites to make money. Also, very few people, even in advanced countries, had Internet access, which made it even harder for online marketers to make real income from their online activities. However, this did not deter Reese although it did present some serious financial challenges. For instance, at one point, Reese was $100,000 in debt.

Reese says that his first direct marketing initiatives were via direct mail order. Over time, he realized it was possible to turn a marketing technique that at the time was used offline into a money-minting opportunity online. Through trial and error as well as dogged determination, Reese has become one of the first people to pivot this marketing technique online. At the same time, he pioneered the use of autoresponders at a time when the web was more or less in its infancy.

Things started to change for the better in 1995 as the number of web users increased making Reese a much sought after web guru. As a result, he was a regular guest on various TV shows, seminars, and business conventions. During this time, he developed a model for monetizing the web marketing opportunities using strategies such as domain brokerage and affiliate marketing. Up to date, Reese reckons that developing and testing various ideas/concepts remains one of his key marketing strengths. His other strengths include tracking and research.

New Heights

Reese blossomed into a well-known Internet marketer in 2004 after releasing the famous Traffic Secrets course. It catapulted him overnight into a celebrity after banking the then unprecedented one million dollars earnings within 24 hours. To be precise, Reese’s earnings from this product launch alone reached $1,080,496.27 in 24 hours. This caused a stir in the online marketing community and cemented his status as a guru in the industry.


In spite of having had a head start in using the web than most people, John had his fair share of mistakes. One of these was selling a website domain for just $900.

The buyer later sold the same domain for more than a million dollars, meaning John had literally given away a fortune. This experience made Reese realize that the best and easiest way to make money online was following the lead of others to identify new opportunities.

Another mistake Reese regrets is trying to develop 14 sites at the same time. In this case, John was trying to create multiple marketing channels that he could use to maximize earnings. However, it soon became clear that it was impossible to manage such a huge undertaking sustainably.

Early Successes

Reese was one of the first people to create a photo-hosting service for eBay in 1998. Thanks to his marketing wizardry, this photo-sharing site soon became one of the top 500 sites in the world within a period of 10 months after launch. At its peak, this site generated revenues in excess of $100,000 per month from various affiliate marketing programs. Surprisingly, Reese reckons that the entire cost of making this site was less than $350. This was years before popular photo-sharing sites such as Instagram and Pinterest were conceptualized. In hindsight, Reese could have turned such an opportunity into a billion dollar fortune.

Nevertheless, this early success made John an active participant in eBay’s marketing landscape. He quickly parlayed his deep knowledge into multiple income generating streams. A good example is a product sold on eBay titled “Internet Auction Secrets.”


Over the years, John has released several online marketing courses. These include:

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets is by far John’s most famous web marketing course. This course revolved around ways of advertising products and service online.

Traffic Secrets 2.0

When John released the first Traffic Secrets course, the web did not have social networking sites such as Facebook. Blogging was also unheard of at that time. As a result, John released a 2.0 version that tackled topics such as social media and blogging.

Reese Report

First launched in 2004, the Reese Report is more of an info-product that focuses on topics such as content marketing, site marketing, and market research that includes a detailed video tutorial. It also teaches aspiring web marketers how to build “Virtual Real Estate.”

Outsource Force

This course teaches readers ways of outsourcing various tasks to countries such as The Philippines.

Auction Secrets

This course contains valuable information for people interested in making money from e-commerce auction sites such as eBay.

Spy for Profit

Spy for Profit is a course that teaches one how to generate traffic, market products/services and remain relevant in a
fast-changing web landscape that now includes mobile apps.


This is the latest software from John Reese


Besides the courses described above, John runs two sites: and Both of these sites contain content that is largely accessible to paying subscribers. The first,, has instructional material for people interested in starting web-based businesses. On the other hand, has in-depth content geared towards people interested in affiliate marketing.

Current Status

Although John is not as active now as several years back, he is still involved in various web marketing initiatives and businesses. He reckons that he has learned a lot through the years. In his words, “As long as you consistently engage yourself in trials, feedback and calibration, you literally can’t go wrong.”


John Reese holds the record for earning a million dollars from a web-based product launch in 24 hours. This was possible because he had spent years trying, researching, and developing various models for generating income online. Also, he shares his Internet marketing knowledge with aspiring online marketers via courses such as “Traffic Secrets: How to Make Money Online.”

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