jim barber
jim barber

Jim Barber has spent his career as an information entrepreneur. In 1982, he assembled one of the first desktop publishing systems. It enabled him to publish 16 books over the next decade. In 1997 he published a multimedia training system that Randy Gage described as “a ‘must have’ item for all professional speakers.”

But his passion has been in providing virtual content. In 1993, he was distributing information through the Internet (to those few individuals who were accessing the Net at that time). In 1996, he created his first site on the World Wide Web, and in 2000 The Barber Shop was recognized by PC Magazine as a “top ten” web site.

Jim has recently developed an exciting new content delivery engine for effectively distributing information over the web. It powers two training and coaching sites, www.Free2fee.com and www.UpYourFee.com, and several colleges and universities are considering using it to power their on-line learning programs.

Jim is also involved in verbal content delivery (speaking), addressing audiences in seven countries around the world—from the European Space Agency and the Royal Aircraft Establishment to the Miami Parking System and the Institute of Real Estate Management

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