Harvey started his online marketing business in 1997 after a career in IT, first in programming then management.

His first site SuperTips was created to provide resources and tips for the online marketer.

As such sites became more common and competitive he decided to focus on niche areas and developed his two popular information sites The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs and The Complete Guide to ClickBank.

He produced his first ebook Guru Magic when he persuaded over 35 Internet marketing experts to reveal their top tips.

Then he went on to produce his SuperTips series of ebooks:

  • Ad Tracking SuperTips
  • ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips
  • ClickBank Vendor SuperTips
  • Forum SuperTips
  • 101 SuperTips

These are all free books but they have a viral element as they can be rebranded with affiliate links.

You can find links to all of his books and sites at SuperTips.

Harvey lives in London with his wife Sue and 15-year old daughter Naomi. His favorite hobby is watching football (soccer) and he is a devoted supporter of Arsenal.

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