Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian
Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Dr. Mani – Heart Surgeon

An Assistant Professor in one of Asia’s largest hospitals for children, Dr. Mani is a specialist heart surgeon, who has been involved in treating over 2000 kids with heart birth defects over the past 8 years. On the Net, he works to raise funds to help poor children receive expensive medical care. His clear descriptive articles about heart disease in adults and heart birth defects in children make complex concepts easy to understand.

Dr. Mani – Web Marketer

 With 7 years of rich experience building a popular ezine marketing website that Alexa ranks among the top 30,000 on the Net, dozens of instructive articles published on reputed websites and several thousand dollars worth of web-based sales each year, Dr.Mani is just as skilled at Web Marketing as all the other stuff he does – and as you’ve seen, those are quite a mix!

Dr. Mani – Ezine Entrepreneur

Publisher of 9 different email newsletters reaching over 15,000 subscribers in total, Dr.Mani is an expert at using ezines for marketing with explosive impact. Indeed it is this ability that got him chosen as one of “99 Purple Cows” featured on Seth Godin’s unique collection of outstanding marketing examples. His contrarian views on strategy are best revealed in his brand new power-eClass, “Ezine ANTI Marketing”

Dr. Mani – Emotion Guru

 Author of a widely praised ebook on managing emotions, Dr.Mani has touched the hearts and lives of many thousands all around the world. “The Emotion Prism” and Dr.Mani’s three weekly email newsletters – ‘Motivating Mondays’, ‘Wishful Wednesdays’ and ‘Frugal Fridays’ – will help you find direction and focus in a fast-paced, confusing and rapidly changing world.
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